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Photo shows teachings in the Forest Meditation Centre at Dhammananda Community, The Channon NSW Australia.

Due to climate change, the centre had to 2022. Raging fires, major storms and intense rainfalls made the centre unsafe


Brief summary below of a handful of the talks. Length of talks ranges from 35 - 60 minutes.

The Benefits and the Limits of the Present Moment

A common spiritual view claims that there is only the Now. We are encouraged to be harmonious and one 

with the now. Certain gurus claim that the now is the true reality. This gives the feeling of oneness. So truth 

is then oneness. Is it? Is it the true reality? It is not a teaching of the Buddha to make such claims about 

oneness and the now.  48 minutes.

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Mindfulness, the self and Emptiness

Experience comes before theory and knowledge. Mindfulness goes to body, feelings, states of mind and 

Dharma and the process of conditionality, rather than attributing events to the self to show the emptiness of 

self. See what leads to what. 59 minutes.

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Questions to Christopher on Emptiness and Freedom

Freedom has no form, nor shape, no substance, nor beginning nor ending, yet such seeing is knowable. 

Freedom is empty of being any ‘thing.’  We need to distinguish a need from desire (a problematic wanting). 

1hr 30 mins. 

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Exploration of Dukkha

We can experience dukkha (unsatisfactoriness, suffering, stress) and know experiences without dukkha. We 

do not realise how we build up dependency. Dharma teachings point to a life without friction with the body 

or the inner life. Let me take responsibility for what I am feeling and thinking. This is an act of maturity.  

56 mins.

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Is the Dharma Prolife or Anti Life?

Are there areas in my life where restraint is necessary? The restraint must be named. Are there areas which 

we need to develop? Reading a beautiful poem of life and death by Christopher’s grandson, aged 10. If we 

hold to a precise image of what we want, we can search everywhere for its presence or non-presence.  

56 mins. 

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Aspects of the Way

The Way or the Path is a widely used metaphor. There is no confirmation in the nature of the path but only 

of diversity in the field of experience. Problems arise through the inflation of differences in our relationship 

to the path to the level of causing suffering. The inflation of differences leads to conflict.

1 hr 28 mins.

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The Dharma that is Difficult to See

A commentary on the Buddha’s discourse on his Noble Search. An exploration of the experience of 

authentic freedom. Wisdom sees into conditionality, into dependent arising of events. Any longing is also 

dependent arising and often hard to see. It is difficult to see dependent arising as liberation. 1 hr 3 mins

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What is Tantra?

People get separated from each other due to beliefs – monks/nuns from householders. Tantra means to 

weave together, to expand. Tantra draws upon different traditions, sexuality, sensuality and daily life rather 

than live trapped in a box

53 minutes.

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Desire and the Divine

Intention and action do not require desire to get a result. There is also the desirer, the desire and the desired. 

These three form together. What is our relationship to results? The field of time, past, present and future is in 

this process of desire. The divine is not in the field of pleasure and pain. The divine reveals love. A god has 

transcended the limits of being human. The divine makes something beautiful happen.

57 minutes

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Who is the Meditator?

The teachings explore the nature of the self, of I.

The “I” cannot sit. Only the body can “sit.” The “I” 

identifies with the body so we say “I am sitting here.” There is the pure witness who witnesses the variety of 

experiences. Control and will power is the problem of the meditator. Am I the pure witness or can we go 


50 minutes.

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Karma and Truth

We look upon the wholesome influence of the past upon the present. It is good karma. Sometimes we feel 

the past oppresses our present. Truth examines causes and conditions and the effects. Seeing clearly 

exhausts unsatisfactory influences from the past. We are not interested in an abstract truth but a wise 

response to events.

50 minutes.

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A Dharma Talk on Memorial Day in Israel for the Holocaust

It is vital and necessary to stop, be silent and still for recollection of what was. Are there influences from the past which influence 

our consciousness today? Human beings are a collective and we can know the benefits of recollection or else the shadows of the past will affect us today

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