International Teaching Schedule

Zoom and Residential


Zoom Teachings are available in

Central Europe (CET), Australia, India, Israel and UK time zones

After decades of travel, I have decided to end my intercontinental flights - Australia,  India and Israel. Like many of you, I have spent time mostly at home since early 2020. There is a quiet enjoyment of the solitude of home. Online communications continue. I have informed the centres/monastery in the above three countries.

Please note it is a minor inconvenience to attend Zoom teachings in different time zones.

Further Zoom/Residential teachings will be added in the year.


Type in Search with name of country - top right of blog.

More updates and outlines of teachings/dates given on Blog nearer to time of sessions.

ZOOM UK with Sangha Live.

Available on Sangha Live

Guided Meditation. Dharma Talk. Q and A.

90 minute session

Can Love Reveal the Ultimate Reality?
With Christopher. Zoom via Sangha Live.
20.00 – 21.30 CET. Sunday 19 December 2021.

For info on talk.


We Journey from Birth to Death. Does life offer something more?

Sunday 30 January 2022. 20.00-21.30 (CET)

Zoom with Christopher. Sangha Live.

What is the Ultimate Truth?

with Christopher. Zoom via Sangha Live.
20.00 – 21.30 CET. Sunday 5 June 2022.

For info on talk.

With Christopher 
Friday evening 14 January to Wednesday morning 19 January 2022.
Theme. Facing Challenges. Transforming Challenges.
Most of us find every year we face two or three challenges on specific issues.
Can we prepare for these challenges? What contribution does mindfulness/insight meditation and sharing of experiences make to support us in these times? What do we need to remember? 
The days will consist of three 60 minute Zoom meeting per day including talks, comprehensive instructions, guided meditations, questions and answers and sharing. We will encourage specific mindfulness/meditation practices at home, work and elsewhere. You are invited to attend as many zoom sessions as you can.
To Register:
See Blog for upcoming information.

(Next Australia Zoom to be announced)

With Christopher
Zentrum for Buddhismus
29 April - 6 May 2022
One hour from Bonn/Cologne
Waldhaus Am Laacher See
56643, Nickenich, Germany
+49 2636 3344
Nearest railway station: Andernach
To Register for any retreat, send email to:
Do come.


Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June 2022 

8 am - 9 am CET


Clear Seeing includes the past, present and future. Teachings will include the great value and the limits of the here and now. Clear seeing includes dependent arising conditions for all three fields so we do not become dependent on the present moment to realise the timeless. A timeless, limitless liberation embraces all three fields of time.

These online sessions run in the mornings from Monday to Friday

They offer an opportunity for the Sangha to meditate regularly with a community of like-minded Dharma practitioners.
Format: Short dharma teaching/reflection, 30-minute guided meditation, and a short interactive Q&A.

With Christopher 
Saturday 11 June to Tuesday 14 June 2022.

7 am – 8 am Sydney/Melbourne time

17.00 – 18.00 Sydney/Melbourne

20.00 – 21.00 Sydney/Melbourne.

Currently, Sydney/Melbourne is 10 hours ahead of Central Europe (CET)

It is a little inconvenient with time zone if we live in another part of the world.

You are invited to attend as many zoom sessions as you can.

Theme. Mindfulness. Insight Meditation. Freeing up the Heart-Mind
The days will consist of three 60-minute Zoom meeting per day including talks, comprehensive instructions, guided meditations, questions and answers and sharing. We will encourage specific mindfulness/meditation practices at home, work and elsewhere.

To Register: Nisha in Australia is our manager.

There is no registration fee.
See Blog for upcoming information.

(Next Australia Zoom to be announced)

Seminarhaus Engl
2-8 July 2022
Christopher and Ulla Koenig
Seminarhaus Engl e.V.(one hour from Munich)
Engl 1
84339 Unterdietfurt, Germany
Phone +49-(0)8728-616
The retreats consist of comprehensive mindfulness/meditation instructions in sitting, walking, standing/reclining, inter-views with myself, inquiry, questions and answers and a daily talk. Silence is a major feature of these retreats. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.
Waldhaus website will provide residential costs. The teacher invites donations at the end of the retreat to support the ongoing teaching.

DHARMA YATRA (10-Day Teachings/Practices/Pilgrimage)
Christopher and Ulla Koenig
2 - 12 August 2022
We hold the Yatra (Dharma/eco pilgrimage) starting near Reutlingen,
near Stuttgart, 90 minutes south on train from Frankfurt
Places for maximum of 60 people including 10 places for under 16-year-olds.
We offer a plant-based diet. We walk through forests and on tracks beside organic farms.
Registrations start at 8 am (CET) Monday 14 March 2022.
Registration 120 Euros. Request for Donations for two teachers at end of Yatra.
Three supported places. 60 Euros registration fee. The three people arrive a day early and leave a day later for construction and deconstruction of campsite.


How to Teach Mindfulness to Children

Christopher and Nshorna

Non-residential. Monday 12 - Friday 16 September 2022

8 Zoom evening sessions between late October and December 

Monday 9 January - Tuesday 10 January 2023 in person training at The Wise Lotus.


9.30 am - 4.00 pm.

Held at:

The Wise Lotus Centre,

Letchworth Garden City

30 minutes on train north of London. A few minutes walk from station)



Waldhaus Buddhist Zentrum


18 October - 23 October 2022

23 October - 28 October 2022

With Christopher

Zentrum for Buddhismus

One hour by train from Bonn/Cologne

Am Laacher See56643,

Nickenich, Germany+49 2636 3344

Nearest railway station: Andernach

To Register for any retreat, send email

Do come.

Series of Talks/Practices on each link in Noble Eightfold Path. Israel time zone.

One day per month. 
Organised by Mindfulspace. Three sessions per day. To be held on a Saturday. Right means comprehensive, fulfilling as well as ethical.
Please note a change in a date may take place during the year.

December 2021. Overview of the Noble Eightfold Path
8 January 2022 Right Understanding
12 February Right Intention
5 March Right Speech
9 April Right Action
7 May Right Livelihood
4 June. Right Effort
18 June Right Mindfulness
30 July Right Concentration

8am-9am CET. 9am-10am Israel time. Introduction and Guided Meditation 
14.00-15.00 CET. 15.00-16.00 Israel Time. Talk. Q and A. and Guided Meditation on Theme.
16.00-17.00 CET. Discussion Groups (without teacher)
19:00-20,00 CET. Israel Time. Talk and Q and A.

See ZOOM INDIA below for monthly teachings and dates for the Buddha Study Guide.


Join the Buddha Study Guide (BSG)
With Christopher

You can join any time during the year.
A One Day per Month Study of specific Discourses of the Buddha.
Two 60-minute sessions.

India Standard Time 12.30 pm.  CET at 8 am.

India Standard Time. 20.30. CET 16.00
Comprehensive 40-page Buddha Study Guide PDF guide provided 
To register and receive Zoom link.
Upcoming Dates.  On a Saturday
29 January.
19 February.
19 March

16 April

14 May

25 June

16 July

20 August

17 September

Participants will receive a PDF of the 40-page Buddha Study Guide and a PDF of Ulla's reflections/analysis of the major discourses.
Suitable for those with knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings and beginners.
The discourses reveal a depth suitable for daily life.
You will find treasures in the texts.
We will focus on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha - the most loved book of teachings with 152 discourses.

Previous recorded meetings available.
Register with
BSG contains reflection on three discourses of the Buddha.

See Zoom Israel above for teachings on the Eightfold Path and dates for BSG. 



Dates for Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC).

Christopher and Ulla Koenig

Please note this is a 12-month Course, which started in late October 2021 and finishes in early November 2022 for 60 participants with prior registration.

19–23 January 2022
25-26 February 2022
25-26 March 2022
22-23 April 2022
7–12 May 2022 (residential and Zoom)
3-4 June 2022
15-16 July 2022
9-10 September 2022
7-8 October 2022
2-6 November 2022 (residential and Zoom)


Teachers, managers, directors of centres, organisers and staff connected with our programmes, residential and Zoom, offer a service. This principle applies before the programme we offer, during the event and after. A small team of people often give support to a large group. If you feel concern on any matter whatsoever with any of our responses to you, before, during or after an event, please email us. Where and when? What was written? What was said? What happened? A manager or teacher will address your concern and get back to you or you can contact the centre.