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Transforming our Terror

Christopher Titmuss


Barron's Educational Press

New York

160 pages

ISBN 0-7641-2221-5

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Written at the publisher's request  in the month after 9/11. This timely volume speaks to those who continue to suffer in the wake of the September in 11 attacks, as well as to all others who have suffered loss. The author describes how suffering affects the human psyche, bring about feelings of grief, despair, and rage, often caused by circumstances outside our control. Readers will find beneficial suggestions for coping with loss and dealing with anger, and they will learn how a desire for vengeance can be transformed into positive emotions and acts. Reaching out to readers of every faith, the author presents ideas to help us make sense of ageing illness, pain and death. Brief, inspiring stories tell how men and women from many walks of life have dealt with personal tragedy and enriched their future.

Uk / USA 

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